Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UNI Life

This entry is long overdue. It should have been written when I first started UNI on Feburary 27th 2012. So here it is now.

So, a new chapter in my life has begun when UNI started. UNI has been pretty hectic yet at the same time, it hasn't been too busy yet for me. But over the coming weeks, it will start to become even more hectic. I haven't met many new friends seeing as I am not that great at making friends but I have met a couple and made friends with them. I must say, I do miss high school quite a lot and UNI atmosphere is definitely different to the atmosphere in high school.

I made a promised with my dad. I told him, I will give the course I'm studying right now a go and see where it leads me, if I see that it is only my interest and that it will lead me to no future or not a good one by the end of this year, then I will change course next year so hopefully I will continue this course next year and no changing is required.

Well, this is what this new chapter in my life is like so far.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Trip down south with friends.

From the 23rd of January to the 27th of January, a bunch of us went down south to chillax where we get away from everyone. It was really fun. A lot of drama happened but in the end, everything turned out smoothly. I would describe it in details to you know, capture the memories but I can't be bothered right now because I'm too tired to do anything else. Just need to know that I had a really, reaLLY, REALLY FUN time down south and wished to do it again sometime in the near/future.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This year is a brand new start. A new chapter in my life. I wonder what this year is gonna be like? It's definitely going to be scary without the boundary of high school. It seems that my life as a high school student has ended and now I shall start a brand new life. I wonder what this life is going to be about. It's so mysterious that even I can't figure it out. Whatever it is, I'm going to try to make the most of it this year.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

25th November 2011.

This date marked a very important day in my life. This is the day of my graduation. A day where my 12 years of education ends. I thought this day will never come but eventually it did. I thought I will cry on this day but turned out I didn't which surprised me. Another thing that surprised me was that, I didn't take any photos at the graduation breakfast nor at the graduation which was totally not like me. I'm afraid that without these photos, I will never remember what the day was like in my memories but I will try and keep a hold of it. Anyways, back to the graduation. When it was my turn to graduate, I was nervous getting up on that stage as I hate being the center of attention but at the same time, I couldn't believe that I was graduating as my results hasn't been that great for the last two years, yet at the same time, I was so happy that I was graduating. The only thing I regret that day besides not taking any photos, was saying goodbye to my friends. It's hard to say goodbye to those who I will probably never see again. In the future? Maybe. Now? Not likely but who knows. Only god knows but he won't tell us as our future has not yet been decided. But in the mean time, I will definitely try and keep in touch with them to maintain the friendship. To the friends I hang out with the most, I will definitely try and make time to see them as they are now part of my life and are the people (excluding teachers and parents) that help got me through high school. I'm gonna miss being in this safe environment where I have been looked after by teachers who helped got me though hard questions and assignments and sacrificed their time to explain to me some of the things I don't understand or things that I got wrong etc. Yeah, I admit, I'm gonna miss high school so much. High school is what I have been doing every day for the last 5 years of my life. But one thing I know for sure is that, high school is the kind of place where you discover who you really are. It has helped to discover who I really am. While some may have hung out with the wrong group of people/friends and did stupid things, I'm glad to say, I have hung out with the right group of friends. One that wouldn't let me do bad things or pressure me into doing something I don't want to do. Sometimes it's just hard to say goodbye. For many, this may be the end. But to me, I think this is just the beginning of a whole new adventure. While one chapter of my life have again, ended, another brand new chapter has just begun. All I have to do now is to read what this chapter is about, to read where this chapter will lead me to in life. I hope this chapter will be just as good as the previous one with many more memories to be stored and remember.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Just as one challenge ends. A new one begins.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I wonder...

Just these last few days, I've been wondering about the future.
I wonder what the future holds for me.
I wonder what will happen to me.
I wonder if the path I'm taking is the right one.
I wonder what will happen to me next year?
I wonder if I will go to TAFE or straight into UNI or do a UPC course at ECU.
I wonder if I will be able to graduate high school?
Just wondering and thinking about those thoughts scares me and whenever I think about it, my heart begin to beat really fast. I've been in school for 12 years. I've always had the help and support from teachers, friends and classmates. If it weren't for them, I will most definitely be lost these past 12 years. Now that I'm finish with high school, excluding my family, I wonder if I'll still have the same support from my friends and others who I will meet along the way. Exams are coming up. Mocks is in a week time and the WACE is in a month time. Will I succeed or fail? I'm scared. I'm taking lots of deep breath these days. My heart is beating fast again. Sometimes, I image that there will be some kind of miracle. That I will pass in the end. I want to run. But I can't. I'm jealous of those who doesn't need to take exams. I'm jealous of those who are smart. I'm jealous of those who doesn't need to study and still get great marks. In two months time, this will all be over. I'm scared. What will become of me in the future? What have god planned for me?
I wonder...

Friday, September 30, 2011


Excluding the two days where we go back to grab our exam results, despite us taken our exams...September 30th 2011 is a very important date. Why? Because today is the day that marked our official last day at school as a whole year group ever. I must say, it is rather depressing. I miss it more than I miss primary school. Everyday for the last 12 years, more in the last 5 years, my routine has been this: wake up, go to school, chill with friends, go home, study/internet, shower, dinner, study/internet, sleep, wake up, go to school and so on. I feel like crying but no tears are coming out.

High school... so many memories to cherish whether it's good memories or bad memories, they are still memories to be cherish forever. I will definitely miss contact, recess and lunch time where I got to chill with friends and let my self lose until the next class. Now a new challenge awakes. Right now I will be facing exams for the next two months. I hope I can survive. A whole year worth of stuff to remember and learn all over again. I don't know if I can do it.

This is nearly the end of the chapter for me. Soon a new one awakes.
Until then...