Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's almost over.

This time, it really is almost over.
This morning, I woke up, went outside to the lounge room, looked at the calendar thinking, it's Australia day this week. Which means Australia day is this... Wednesday... This Wednesday?!?! But then, that means I only have one week left before school starts again... Which means school is next Wednesday! Oh man! I thought I have two more weeks of holiday left. *cries mentally*
This means a lot of things. I gotta start getting my school books, gotta find a ball dress real soon. And most importantly, I better start picking up my acts if I want to graduate this year.
Oh man, why can't I have that extra week that I thought we have? *cries even more mentally*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Great Flood

I'm sure we have all heard of the great flood in Australia over in the Eastern State. As I am only a high school student and cannot do much, all I can do is to pray for those who has lost their loved ones and donate if I see a charity fund. So please, if you have a kind heart and is willing to do anything to those who are still recovering, fighting and/or suffering from the floods, please donate or try to help out. Right now, they really need us to get back onto the ground and feel the dry Earth with their feet once again. Even if it's $1, it can and will make a difference. It's the thoughts that counts. They will thank you for it.
God bless to those who are still fighting strong even till now.
God bless to those who are not willing to give up that easily.
God bless to those who are not willing to give up hope.
God bless ♥

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Learners Permit

On January 13th 2011, I went to the licensing center in Joondalup to sit the test and get my Learner's Permit. Was kinda nervous when I did the test to be honest but then, I went in, sat down and got straight into it, came out got my results and got 30/30. Was so happy. Seems like doing all those practice quiz on my laptop at home was worth it after all. But now, I'm kinda nervous to go for my first lesson that my dad is gonna give me before getting an instructor. Never been behind the wheels before. And the thought that I have to actually start memorizing the streets, suburbs etc seems kinda scary to me as I never needed to before...

Freedom = almost gone

So, it seems that I only have a couple of weeks left till school starts again. Which means, I'm gonna have to start getting my school books soon. Which means, my freedom is almost gone. Which means, I'm gonna have to start studying hard again. This year, in order to pass, I'm going to try and actually study the proper way and try not to procrastinate.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year ♥

It's new years today. For me, 2010 was alright. There were many ups and downs during that year. I missed it already. But that is the past. Starting from today is a new beginning. A new chapter in life. A new start to another year. This be the year of 2011. It is also the year where hopefully, I'll be able to graduate from high school. 2011, please be good to me because I only have 365 days to spend before 2012 comes. Nevertheless, do have a good year everyone.
god bless ♥