Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Enough Said.

I'm a simple minded, down to earth girl who loves to enjoy and take life the easy way.
Everyone only gets one chance to live.
So treasure whatever you have right now while you can and don't complain about it.
Even those living in poverty knows better than you.
Even they know that you've got no one else to blame but yourself.
So don't complain.
No, it will never disappear because in our heart, we know it will always be there.
Good times, bad times.
It will always come back to hunt us.
But let's leave the past behind us for now and let's all move on together.
Because anything can change between now, the present, and the future.
It's all a mystery.
Life is like a puzzle.
Life is like a roller coaster.
Enjoy your life the way it is because you won't be given another chance.
So live it loud.
Enough Said.


I was stupid. I knew it will give my laptop a virus once I click, save file yet I still did it. God knows what took over me when I did it. But at least it reminded me why I kept away from downloading stuff from the internet now. I'm taking this as another valuable lesson that I have learnt in life. If I was giving another chance, I will definitely not do it again that's for sure! One thing that I'm glad for now is that, I don't have that much valuable things in my laptop so I don't think the attacker will be bothered about it even if they did figured out my...
I just hope it will all disappear soon. I just hope my brother can fix it as soon as possible.


Sunday, September 26, 2010


I like having surprises.
I seriously thought that we won't be going to the royal show at all this year.
Woke up on saturday morning feeling crap, went out to the kitchen bench then dad told me, if your sick then we can't go the royal show this year. And I was like, but we aren't going this year. And at that moment, I knew that I have been surprised by a nice surprise :)
All in all, I did enjoy my time there and brought the most showbags than I ever did before :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last night...

...was the worst night ever! Went to bed a little bit earlier than usual. Was sleeping quite peacefully actually until 2ish in the morning where I was woken up by my stomach pains. Thought it will go away and I'll eventually go back to sleep but that didn't happen and my muscle in my stomach kept pulling. It was a horrible feeling. The pain kept on going for at least an hour... decided to get up from my bed and walk over to my parents bedroom. Felt bed for waking them up but I'm glad I did. If dad didn't tell me to drink hot water and take panamax, I think I would have still been in bed and still feeling the pain. After a little while, I went back to bed, trying to fall asleep. At 4ish-5ish in the morning, I eventually went back to sleep. That was the end of my painful night. Was going to take the morning of to go to the doctors but woke up and feeling a bit better so I told my sister to tell my mum that I don't need to go anymore. Didn't have the energy to do anything today but still went to school, didn't have anything to eat since yesterday's dinner because I didn't feel like eating, but I guess I'm gonna have to have dinner tonight, no way am I going to escape that. Hopefully, I'll be more of myself again tomorrow. This morning...today...had been a horrible day for me.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It's currently 11:31pm. I don't feel like writing anything. I'm feeling a bit tired. But I haven't been blogging lately. So I thought I'll stop by and say hi before I turn my laptop off and get ready for bed. So hi and good night <3

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Confused... :l

I honestly don't know what just happened... one minute we were all fine, the next, my sister went out to give something to her friend and the next, my parents started to argue about...keys? And now their...fine? Seriously, what is up with my family? Sometimes, I just don't know what's going on anymore. I can tell you one thing that I know, we are a pretty loud family and that annoys me as we have no soundproof walls and people can hear us outside... espeacially when they shout to each other in the garden for things or tell each other something... But at least their fine now so that's a good thing :)