Friday, September 30, 2011


Excluding the two days where we go back to grab our exam results, despite us taken our exams...September 30th 2011 is a very important date. Why? Because today is the day that marked our official last day at school as a whole year group ever. I must say, it is rather depressing. I miss it more than I miss primary school. Everyday for the last 12 years, more in the last 5 years, my routine has been this: wake up, go to school, chill with friends, go home, study/internet, shower, dinner, study/internet, sleep, wake up, go to school and so on. I feel like crying but no tears are coming out.

High school... so many memories to cherish whether it's good memories or bad memories, they are still memories to be cherish forever. I will definitely miss contact, recess and lunch time where I got to chill with friends and let my self lose until the next class. Now a new challenge awakes. Right now I will be facing exams for the next two months. I hope I can survive. A whole year worth of stuff to remember and learn all over again. I don't know if I can do it.

This is nearly the end of the chapter for me. Soon a new one awakes.
Until then...