Monday, June 20, 2011


Why are both my parents so stubborn? I swear they have nothing in common but they are still able to fall in love and marry? They always argue with each other because dad doesn't like some of the things that mum do. Sometimes it's serious and gone way too far and sometimes it's only for a really short amount of time that they're mad at each other until either one tries to cheer the other up. I'm surprise that they're not divorce by now (not that I want them too. MOST DEFINITELY NOT).
Dad is stubborn because: he thinks he hasn't changed. He thinks the whole world has changed but him. He thinks us children has changed. I mean come on, were still young, it's normal if we changed as long as it's for the good and not the opposite. But he just doesn't get it (even though we've told him over and over and over again. His stubborn because he thinks everything he does is right. Everything he does is for the best. Whatever we do just never meets his expectations. He says he doesn't compare us to anybody when really he does. He also gets affected by what others say to him really easily and he thinks he doesn't. He thinks that because his the dad, we should should use appropriate language/manner towards him. He just doesn't get that sometimes he can be wrong.
Mum is also stubborn. She's also the jealous type and a hard forgiver. If someone says something to her that she doesn't like or whatever, she can remember that quote from them for a very very long time. She can also hate someone for 8+ years. She also get mad/pissed pretty easily.
I can list all the stubborn things from both my parents but what's the point? At the end of the day, they are still my parents and I'm just glad to say that they won't ever get a divorce no matter how serious their argument is.