Saturday, October 2, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

Why does my dad and my brother have this constant conflict between them? It's all about manners, manners and more manners. All my dad wants is respects. I'm not saying either side is right or wrong. But the communication between them isn't the greatest but it ain't the worst either.
My dad is like... I dunno. He's just becoming more sensitive as he gets older. My mum said it's the influence of his big sister. I dunno if that is true or not.
I'm not saying that my brother is right and yes I do agree, his manners isn't the greatest but it ain't the worst either but they seriously need to take some time off and have a deep conversation together. Although my brother may not show it all the time, I know that deep inside, he cares for my dad deeply.
All these silly little conflict between them is somehow affecting my mum too. She's always stuck in between as she is not favoring either side.
I'm not gonna write anymore as I don't think what I'm writing makes any sense and I also feel that this post is all over the place. Lots of thoughts is running through my head at the same time and I don't know how to write it all down in this post to make it make sense.
I keep dreaming to see that one day, these silly little conflict will come to an end.

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