Saturday, March 19, 2011

The blogs I write these days are short and full of crap.
Nothing to write about.
Boring to read.
Just like this post.
I wonder why people will actually waste their precious time reading my useless blog?
Oh well, at least I know that I have friends who cares about me.
Am so grateful to have the friends I have today.
I just hope/wished, that when they have problems, they can trust me with it. Trust me that I will not tell anyone else.
I wished they are not afraid to come talk to me.
If they do, it really means a lot to me because to me, it means they trust me with whatever they tell me.
But seriously, it feels so much better to get things of your chest if you talk to somebody about it rather than have it hidden inside you where it hurts to even think about it for a split second.
Sometimes, I really am worried about my friends more than I worry about myself...

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