Saturday, July 17, 2010


July 17th, 2010 was the day that my friends, that is, Brittany, Nick, Joe and I went to Perth Ice Arena. It went from 10am to 12pm. I must say, it was a pretty fun session. Nick was the very first one to fall, then it was Brittany, but she didn't really because Nick told someone to fall and she volunteered... although I did hear that she fell once. Then it was Joe. I could say that I didn't fall at all (well at least almost) during the whole time that we were there. But in the last 15 minutes of the session and just as I started to move away from the wall and started to skate a little bit faster, BAM and the next thing I knew, I fell flat on my arse whilst my hat went flying onto the ice. But besides all the falling parts... the rink today, seeing as it is the weekend + the holidays = a very busy day. There was meant to be at least 6 people going but two bombed out. One had an acceptable excuse, the other was just not acceptable because she was "broke". When the session ended, we had a...let’s just say... a fun walk to the bus stop. Brittany, Nick and Joe were very excited when they found a real bus stop this time that will take us to Morley then to the City. We waited for at least half an hour before a bus came and during that time, we just talk about random things along with Brittany who ran towards the middle of the road (with no cars of course). It was quite funny when we arrived in Morley Bus Stop because Joe knew where we were going while Nick and Brittany wandered off looking for the bus 60 and what was I doing? I was just standing there waiting for everyone to walk in one direction before I started to make a move. The funny thing was the bus that we just took (344), unloaded all passengers that was on that bus and when the bus move, it wasn't even a km yet before it stop to pick up new passengers. It was like...a 2 second drive from one bus stop to another O.o We were planning to have lunch at Joondalup but as we were on the bus, there was a change of plan and we ended up going to the City and had lunch at hungry jack's instead. After lunch, we then caught the train back to Whitfords Trainstation. It was quite funny as we went onto the train. Brittany, Nick and I have all managed to find a seat of our own. Just as Joe was about to sit down, an old lady came and stole his seat that was next to me. It was quite funny as he was “rejected” but at the same time, I felt sorry for him because he had to stand by himself whilst we were all sitting down together but the good thing was, the old lady sitting next to me got up and left at one of the Trainstation so he didn’t had to be a loner throughout the whole ride.

But I must say, besides all the pros & cons, I did have a pretty swell day with my friends on
July 17th, 2010 :)

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