Friday, July 30, 2010

The Beginning

I was looking back at my posts the other day and figured, I haven't done an "About Me" section... guess I just wanted to jump straight into it, you'll know why if you read my first post... ANYWAYS, I won't be telling you about my name nor my age (aka, personal details) because of at least 5 things.
1. I'm 'Internet Safety'
2. I don't see the need in telling strangers about my personal details
3. I don't see why people will ever read my embarrassing, boring, random posts/blogs that I blab
on about anything that comes to mind (and half the time, what I'm writing just doesn't make
sense me thinks)
4. People who are smart enough can guess who I am
5. My friends knows who I am so there is no need to say it...
and possibly more...but anyways, let's get started shall we? (my friends who knows me well enough should be able to fill in the blanks in their own little mind O.o)

* * * *

"Heyyy there! How are you? Nice to meet you, my name is ______ ______ and I'm ____ years old and as you can tell from my background and my profile picture, I am a female (DUH! -_-" ) and is proud to be an ______ ^__________^ People describe me as nice, caring, kind. Some even say I have a nice smile (pffft.. as if I do, I hate my smile, it's gay! XP ). Others may say I look pretty (again, pffft... as if, I'm hell ugly XP). But do they really mean it? I don't think so, I'm pretty sure they are being sarcastic and am just trying to be nice...
Ever heard of the saying, 'Don't judge a book by its cover'? Well, I'm that type of girl that doesn't judge a person just by looking at them. I'm that type of girl who you will find to be...
shy and extremely quite when being in a big group of people that I'm not friends with. I'm that type of girl who you will find to be quite boring and annoying at all times. I'm that type of girl who tries to make/make sure or wants everyone around her to be happy or be in a good mood. That girl who is polite and willing to help others if possible, that girl who doesn't like being mean nor racist, that girl who likes to have fun and have a good laugh all the times, that girl who repeats what she says a million times as well as bringing things up all the time even though they belonged in the past. I'm a really weird kid and trust me, I am. 'Where's the proof?' you may ask unknowingly. Well there are heaps of proof I tell you. HEAPS. Here are some of them. 1. I don't like jelly, lollies or anything along those lines (chocolate are all right. I still eat lollies but
not often and I take them with polite from others because I don't want them to feel rejected
because I didn't take their offer)
2. I'm force to study... A LOT... constantly... 24/7
3. I'm a very anti-social teenager and are only allow to go out on the holidays (don't blame me for
that, it's not my fault, my parents just doesn't like me going out during school days)
4. I seem to confuse people a lot, quite easily nor do I make sense and I don't think this
posts/blogs make any sense either (that's probably why I fail at essays, because I don't make
sense all the time)
There are many more proof that I could show and proof that I'm a weird teenager. But lets not get too carried away shall we?

* * * *

I am, what you will describe as an 'average day typical teenager' who doesn't like to make decision when she doesn't have to. Did I mention that I am a dork and a loser? Did I mention that I have no confident in my school work? Did I mention that I love children and find them...amazingly cute/adorable? Well you do now because I just mentioned it :P ).

* * * *

Let's move onto what I like doing/likes, dislikes and where I'll hopefully be/doing in the future or in the near future shall we? Likes doing/Likes
- Hanging out with my friends
- Wants to travel around the world
- I don't play netball but I absolutely love that sport XD
- Going shopping
- Making new friends
- Reading (but I don't have the time anymore because of school work D; )
- Spending time with family. ( just to let you know, I love my family to bits! Both my parents
have done so much to make this a happy family and I appreciate for what they have done
for both my older siblings and I. Without the existence of my parents being together, this will
not have been a family nor will I exist. I owe them so much! I don't think I can ever repay
them back... thanks Mum and Dad, I love you both for internity!)

Dislikes (I've already mentioned them but all-well :P )
- Jelly
- People being mean to others
- People being racist to others
- Pickles
and many more that have yet to escape my mind/thoughts

What I'll be doing/Where I'll be in the future (hopefully)
- As I said earlier, I want to travel around the world so hopefully... I could be a 'Flight
Attendant/Air Hostess' (hopefully I could work for 'Cathy Pacific' if I am able to work in that
- Maybe... go into University if I can get in which I doubt I can... (hopefully Curtin or ECU)
- Having my own family

* * * *

Well, I think I better stop now before I bore the hell outta you and put you to sleep. So bye for now. It was nice meeting you" =)

Today is the tomorrow you worry about....

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift
a quote by Master Oogway from the movie, Kung Fu Panda

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