Saturday, August 7, 2010


From today, exactly a week ago...
On Tuesday, August 3rd 2010, a group of year 11, Politics and Law students went to the city and visited three different courts. Magistrate, District and Supreme Court. They were quite lucky on that day because there were "live" cases that was happening on that day, which also meant that they were able to see some "real live" action on that day as well. This was good as they were able to see what is really going on and what is really happening and how a court operates within an actual court. Too bad they didn't see any big cases. Too bad they didn't get to see the two lawyers argue like they do on television shows. Too bad they were only small cases. Some ancient stuff they saw in the Alexander Library was pretty amazing. One student in particular found it hard to believe that she was seeing stuff that had belonged in the past. The excursion finally came to an end with everyone going their own separate ways. I think it is safe to say that everyone (or at least me) had a good time :)

* * * *

On that day, I came home thinking, we were once young, so innocent, so happy being a child. We look as if, we will grow up to be a good person who will never commit a crime under any circumstances. So how does people go from innocent to evil? How can one commit a crime and go to jail? How can one commit a crime and not feel guilty after? How can one be so cold hearted? Have no feelings? The answer is very simple. One wrong choice/decision, one wrong turn and you will end up being in a dead end. Meaning, you will end up becoming a person you were not meant to be. A Devil. God didn't create us to commit a crime or become a devil. He created us to become a good human being. A better person. An Angel. Someone who can look after mother nature, the animals, the world, the earth, some one who can look after or take care of one another with love. He created us because he loves us. He created us because he has faith that we can change the world together as a whole. He created us so we can create world peace. Hence the saying, "Make Love, Not War". I guess one day, regardless of me being here, being able to see it or not, maybe one day, there will be "World Peace " and when that day comes... only God knows where I'll be and no matter how much I want to see that day come, only one person will forever be here to see that day come. That is God
And regardless of me being dead or alive, he will remain in my heart forever

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